We employ a staff of highly trained technicians to examine, report, guarantee and insure the condition of title for all types of subdivision developments.  In addition, as a member of your Chicago Title Builder Services team, we see our job as working closely with the Builder/Developer, the project engineer and attorney to anticipate and resolve the many title related issues that arise throughout the course of a project.

By engaging us to work as a member of your team prior to the acquisition of the land for development, we can begin the work of title examination, and propose solutions to title related issues such as:
Prepare a Preliminary Title Report, which identifies:
  • "Blanket Floating" or otherwise undefined or unlocated easements
  • Implied or actual rights of surface entry for the development of existing oil or mineral rights
  • Recorded covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&R's) which limit or prohibit the proposed development
  • Boundary documents which may create gaps or overlaps with the description or establishment of the boundaries of the subject property
  • Easements of record which may, based on their location or use, impair or otherwise limit the proposed development
  • Issues involving primary or secondary access to the project site
  • Prepare Proforma Policies and/or Guarantees
  • Provide final title insurance policies for owners and lenders
Other Services that can be initiated early are:
  • The Department of Real Estate (Public Report) process
  • Assist the Builder/Developer with clearing entitlement issues
The above listing represents just a few of the issues which may delay, hinder or otherwise impair the proposed project development plans.  We recognize that we may not always be the title company selected for the land aquisition.  However, since we will be working with you and the development team thereafter, consider seeking our input prior to closing the land acquisition escrow.  We will be happy to help when and where possible.