Five Fundamental Precepts
Bias for Action
Analyze the task, reach a decision and implement the solution as expeditiously as possible.  Challenge all assumptions and strive continuously for improvement.  Be accessible, responsive and decisive.  Take ownership of all problems and accept all challenges.
Autonomy and Entrepreneurship
A strong national presence provides a foundation for local autonomy and entrepreneurship.  We seek to provide the resources to allow our employees to exercise decision making and problem resolution at the point of client contact.  Authority is conferred with responsibility, and risk taking is rewarded.
Employee Ownership
Our single greatest asset is the individual employee.  We recognize the essential truth that employee is synonymous with employee Commitment.  Employee ownership assures a commonality of purpose exists among shareholders, management and the employee.
Minimal Bureaucracy
We are committed to a small, lean management profile.  Success and achievement are proportionate to the number of employees focused on client satisfaction, not supervision.  Performance, productivity and problem resolution are the priorities.
Close Customer Relationships
We offer our clients a real and meaningful customization of products and services.  With a passion for seeking solutions and an expertise that drives performance, our goal is to secure long-term business relationships based on a mutual exchange of value.