At Chicago Title, we understand how important it is that you obtain your Public Report in a timely manner.  Toward this end, we believe that the following general information will be of help to you in this process.

A Public Report is a disclosure statement, issued by the State of California, Department of Real Estate, after all required items have been submitted for their review and approval.  Among other things, the Public Report indicates the name of the Subdivider, the tract or parcel map name and/or number, certain matters affecting the title to the land, the number of lots or units, and amenities available, if any.  Matters concerning purchase money handling, impound accounts, and financing are also disclosed.  The requirements for the Public Report process are established in the State of California Business and Professions Code, and enforced by the Department of Real Estate.  The Real Estate Commissioner of the State of California also has a set of Regulations that apply to subdivision sales, called the Subdivided Lands Act.
A Public Report is required for all residential subdivisions having five or more lots or units, with the following exceptions:
  • Subdivisions expressly zoned commercial/industrial/professional
  • Single family subdivisions, located within incorporated cities and offered for sale with completed residential structures
Other exemptions may apply in certain situations.  We recommend that you confer with a member of our DRE Processing Department if you have any questions concerning the DRE requirements for a particular development project.
Obtaining a Public Report can be a complicated and time consuming process.  It is for this reason that Chicago Title is pleased to offer the services of our experienced DRE Consultants to assist you.  As a member of your Development Team, the DRE Consultant assigned to your development, will work closely with the project engineer, the attorney, the budget preparer and the title officer, as the "Single Responsibility Party" for purposes of facilitating and obtaining the Public Report.
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