The Chicago Title family of companies is the nation's leader in providing title insurance protection for real estate.  We are the Source of Real Estate Services for professionals involved in real estate transactions:
  • Developers
  • Builders
  • Engineers
  • Attorneys
  • Investors
  • Buyers
  • Sellers
  • Lenders

  • If you build in California, get to know us at Chicago Title.
  •  Speed
  •  Accuracy
  •  Confidentiality

  • Chicago Title Builder Services is the specialized Division of the Chicago Title family of companies that supplies the necessary underwriting, coordinating and high liability service needs of commercial/industrial and residential subdivision developers, lenders, and other real estate professionals.  We perform in time with market demand to be The Source of Real Estate Services for our builder and developer customers.
    The Builder Services Division is structured to assist commercial, industrial and subdivision real estate developers anywhere in the State of California, or the nation.
    Chicago Title has built a reputation for efficiency in smoothly processing land acquisitions, new construction and sale-out transactions.  Whether you're considering an industrial park subdivision, or accumulating parcels for a master planned community, Chicago Title can assist you with every phase of development.
    We know that builders and developers require speed, accuracy and confidentiality in the fulfillment of their title needs.  That's why so many builders and developers choose Chicago Title.
    We have a history of applying leadership and creative concepts in title coverage of land acquisition and developments.  This is exemplified by our innovations in extended coverage, interim-construction disbursements, inflation rider and closing services.
    We insure real estate titles to millions of American homes every year.  We also insure title to many of the largest buildings and development projects in the state.
    Chicago Title provides title support services for our customers.  Properties are searched and preliminary title reports are provided as needed in order to comply with the local agency requirements in the mapping process.  Our staff works closely with the engineer and developer representatives to ensure that the appropriate work is completed in a timely manner.
    Our Subdivision Title Officer will review the map(s) and coordinate issuance of the Subdivision Guarantee and recordation of the various maps involved in the development with the County and the engineer.
    Preliminary title reports will be provided for any construction lender involved in the development.  Transaction Proforma Policies are issued as needed.  Our title staff maintains current files on the property, to ensure that turn around times are optimum at all times.  We also prepare preliminary title reports for each lot in the development shortly after the final map has been recorded, in order to avoid delays at the time each home is sold.
    Our escrow services are offered as needed, to assist with construction loans or sales of the property.  Escrow staff is prepared to provide high liability and commercial escrow support through the local branches.
    Chicago Title maintains customer service personnel that can address client needs specific to the development process.  Located within the title plant, our customer service staff is extremely efficient, they can assess situations and offer solutions through various media resources.  This customer service is offered to the developer, the engineer, and also the City and/or County.  Our technology is state of the art, offering many options to our clients for delivery of information.
    Another important key in the development approval process is the Department of Real Estate processing - the Public Report.  Chicago Title offers not one, but two DRE Processing Units to developers in the Greater Sacramento area.  Our staff is professionally qualified to confer with clients on marketing strategies, and also prepared to coordinate the actual processing in a streamlined manner.  Our Processing Department is on standby, ready to assist you.