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The Seller
  • Deposits the executed deed to the Buyer with the settlement agent.
  • Deposits evidence of pest inspection and any required repair work, if applicable.
  • Deposits other required documents such as tax receipts, addresses of mortgage holders, any state or federal required documentation, etc.

The Buyer
  • Deposits the funds required, in addition to any borrowed funds, to pay the purchase price with the Escrow Officer.
  • Deposits funds sufficient for home and title insurance.
  • Arranges for any borrowed funds to be delivered to the Escrow Officer.
  • Deposits any deed of trust or mortgages necessary to secure loans.
  • Approves any inspection reports, the Preliminary Report for title insurance, etc., called for by the purchase and sale agreements.
  • Fulfills any other conditions specified in the instructions.

The Lender (if applicable)
  • Prepares loan document package for buyer/borrower.
  • Deposits proceeds of the loan with the Escrow Officer.
  • Directs the Escrow Officer on the conditions under which the loan funds may be used.

The Escrow Officer
  • Opens the order for title insurance.
  • Obtains approvals from the buyer on the Preliminary Report/Title Commitment, pest and other inspections.
  • Receives funds from the buyer and/or any lender.
  • Prorates taxes, rents, etc.
  • Disburses funds for title insurance, recording fees, real estate commissions, lien clearance, etc.
  • Prepares an estimated statement or HUD settlement statement, as required, for each party, indicating amounts to be disbursed for services and any further amounts necessary to close.
  • Records deed and loan documents, delivers the deed to the buyer, loan documents to the lender and funds to the seller, closing the escrow.
  • Issues final closing statement/HUD settlement statement and forwards to buyer, seller and lender.

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